Кожаные сумки ручной работы Talja

9 APRIL 2017


Each Talja bag carries the story of a family with love and passion for the art of leather, which is transmitted from generation to generation and enriched each time with new elements. A laboratory in the valley of the river Arno, between Pisa and Florence, is where handmade bags created in classic designs inspired by the long tradition of Tuscany in manufacturing high quality leather goods. The decoration of the leather with embossed floral and geometric motifs evocates to precious fabrics from the palaces, beautiful Renaissance paintings and jewelry. When choosing a handbag from the collection of Talja you  invest in a particular style, practical and yet elegant, with attention to detail and you can taste the most timeless expression of Made in Italy.
The unique creations Talja include a range of handbags, messenger bags, evening and shopping bags, and wallets in different sizes and colors. You can find the collection of a large variety in SAMARAS Fur and Leather stores in Thessaloniki, in exclusivity for the Greek market.