Mala Matì at the MIFUR 2017 exhibition

2 APRIL 2017

Mala Mati, one of the most famous italian fur brands, participated in this year's Mifur, the largest exhibition for fur and leather held in the capital of Lombardy from 22 to 27 February 2017. This year Mifur joined Mipap, an exhibition dedicated to prêt-à-porter fashion, thus creating The One Milano, the first single organization for high-end prêt-à-porter, who aspires to be done every six months. This first important event, which coincided with the Fashion Week was a great success, with more than 11,000 visitors from 82 countries celebrating the exhibition of 286 Brands as participantipants. Mala Mati was also one of the luxury brands presenting items from the new Fall/winter 2017-18 Collection in the final catwallk that completed the event.