Mala Matì New Collection 2017-18

3 APRIL 2017

The new collection Malamati 2017-18 focuses on very well studied lines and portability. The collection aspires a lot of energy with plenty of colors, unusual combinations of different materials in a very elegant balanced result

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Mala Matì at the MIFUR 2017 exhibition

2 APRIL 2017

Mala Mati, one of the most famous italian fur brands, participated in this year's Mifur, the largest exhibition for fur and leather held in the capital of Lombardy from 22 to 27 February 2017.

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Кожаные сумки ручной работы Talja

9 APRIL 2017

Each Talja bag carries the story of a family with love and passion for the art of leather, which is transmitted from generation to generation and enriched each time with new elements. A laboratory in the valley of the river Arno, between Pisa and Florence, is where handmade bags created in classic designs inspired by the long tradition of Tuscany in manufacturing high quality leather goods.

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The fur vest and how to wear it

20 FEBRUARY 2017

A bohemian inspiration’s item that fashion idols in the 70s used to wear, turns back today stronger than ever, in order to remain. The unforgettable boho-chic appearances of the past’s “it girls” with stretch tops, short skirts, feather boa and the unmissable fur vest characterized the style of the seventies. It now returns in a more refined mood, without forgetting the boho character, depending on our mood and the occasion.

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Greenery is the color of 2017

19 JANUARY 2017

2017 is the year of green, as Greenery was selected as color of the year, a bright and warm green with yellow undertones, inspired by nature. The color that symbolizes new beginnings and revitalization, will dominate trends in decoration and fashion, starting from a spring full of optimism.

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New Trend: Statement colored Furs


The new fashion trend for winter 2016-17 is colored fur! Modern women escape from the ordinary by selecting a fur in colorful version in bold color or pale, soft colors and giving vitality and unique style in their appearance. Choose your new colored fur from Samaras stores and let your imagination be free to create so many special, eye catching looks!

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Элитные греческие шубы от Samel

1 JUNE 2016

Фирма Samel уже заявила о себе на рынке, выпуская в продажу брендовые меховые изделия альфа-качества. Шубы Samel шьются по итальянским лекалам под руководством германо-итальянского дизайнера. Выделка отборного меха производится в лучших традициях греческих скорняков, а пошив осуществляется в Касторье.

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Mala Matì at MIFUR 2016

7 APRIL 2016

Mala Mati participated for another year in the largest fur exhibition that takes place in Milan, with the participation of worldwide renowned brands.

MIFUR Exibition or otherwise Salon International of Fur and Leather, began in 1996 after the initiative of the Italian Fur Association, and has since been organized every year at the Fiera Milano in order to promote trade and continuously support innovation in the fur fashion.

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Mala Matì 2015-16 Новый Коллекция

5 OCTOBER 2015

Famous Italian company Mala Mati is creating luxurious fur coats for years and can still impress with the fact that every season presents new original designs with outstanding combinations of colors and textures. The new collection of the Italian brand for…

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Luxury Jackets Marco Del Forte


When luxury meets comfort in a stylish italian design, that's when dreams come true! Famous italian brand Marco Del Forte delivers scpecial jackets with fur inserts that can keep you warm and stylish all day in a very modern way.

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